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Sampotech DS-15T

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Sampotech DS-15T -SMAPO

SMAPO Sampotech DS-15T

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Whatís the easiest way to make anything better? Take another one of the same thing, and graft them both together. Whether itís a guitar, a cheeseburger, or a human head, itíll be twice as good. Thatís simple math.

Sampotech understands, as vividly illustrated by their Sampotech DS-15T Dual Side 15-inch LCD Monitor. Itís one of those monitors that are like double-monitors, you know? Two 15Ē LCDs like ebony and ivory, together in perfect harmony, side-by-side near your mouse and keyboard, oh Lord, why donít we?

With setup scarcely more complicated than hooking up a regular old CRT, and a far smaller desktop footprint than two stand-alone monitors, only a real idiot would opt for anything other than the Sampotech DS-15T Dual Side 15-inch LCD Monitor. Youíre not an idiot, are you?

Warranty: one year


Low radiation and less flicker reduce the probability of harm for your health compared to traditional CRT monitor.
Compact and easy to install Ė requires only minimal desktop space.
The LCD monitor operates on low power consumption level offering savings on power bills and the earth resources
The special design of this LCD cabinet is both attractive and ergonomic.
The usage of this LCD monitor is the same as the CRT monitor. There is no need to change the hardware of your computer, just plug and play

Display type: dual 15-inch LCD
Viewable screen size: 15 inches
Maximum resolution: 2048◊768
Compatibility: PC, Mac
Package Contents:

Sampotech DS-15T Dual 15-inch LCD Monitor and Stand
15-pin D-sub Video cable X 2 PCS
AC/DC Adapter with 12V DC output: 100-240V ~ 1.8A, 50/60Hz
AC Power Card
User Manual

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